Community votes to disable minting of new DXD, capping token supply at 148,976

DXdao passed a proposal Thursday night to halt the DXD bonding curve by setting the minimum investment parameters to an extremely high number, effectively preventing any further DXD minting from ETH investments.

Changes to the bonding curve have long been discussed in the community. A signal proposal to pause the curve failed in September, but a similar proposal ultimately was passed by DXdao’s REP holders in December after a lengthy debate.

With the proposal passage, DXD effectively becomes a fixed-supply token with 148,976 DXD in total supply, 100k DXD pre-mint releasing from a lockup contract to DXdao’s treasury over three…


Another month and another DXdao product launch on xDai — Swapr is now a multi-chain AMM! The latest release includes two new exciting features: eco-routing and a network switcher. Eco-routing allows users to search and route their orders to any Uniswap fork without leaving Swapr! On mainnet, Sushiswap and Uniswap are integrated, while on xDai, Swapr compares prices to Honeyswap and Baoswap. The network switcher, meanwhile, enables users to seamlessly move from mainnet to xDai and also helps users easily add xDai to their Metamask with just a few clicks.

Swapr’s TVL has grown significantly in March as DXdao has…

Swapr AMA answers pressing questions preceding Swapr beta release

The first Swapr AMA was held on March 12th, 2021, in anticipation of the upcoming beta launch. Many topics were addressed including roadmaps, “eco-routing”, xDai compatibility, and much more!

AMA attendees received a shiny POAP, the first of its kind from DXdao!

Omen explores scalability solution xDai as new default network

It’s 2021, and Ethereum has found the market fit we’ve all been dreaming of. However, increased demand for DeFi products is causing major scaling pains, with high gas costs pricing out most of the user base. Sure, L2 solutions are coming, and DXdao is at the innovation forefront.

Fortunately, the future is now as Omen goes xDai native. What does this mean for you?

No More Custom RPC

Internal DXdao investment fund supporting projects that solve problems of decentralized organizations.

On March 8, 2021, DXdao REP holders voted to pass a signal proposal in support of DXventures, a focused, internal investment fund to seek out and invest in promising projects that are solving the pain points of decentralized organizations.


DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds and governs decentralized products on the Ethereum blockchain. In this process, DXdao strives to use unstoppable, decentralized technologies that allow it to operate and govern while maintaining its core values.

During this journey, DXdao often encounters situations where the tool or service needed may not exist. In this scenario, DXdao is often exploring what…

Omen launches on xDai!

DXdao continued its multi-chain journey with the launch of Omen on xDai in February! xDai is an EVM-compatible sidechain with over $30m in total value locked. xDai’s smaller validator set means much cheaper transactions for Omen, as high gas prices drive many dapps away from Ethereum main net. xDai is accessible through most Ethereum wallets, like Metamask (here’s a handy guide to accessing the xDai network on Metamask). The Omen team is also exploring launching on Arbitrum, a Layer 2 scaling solution.

The new Omen release also launched scalar markets to allow predictions to be made at a particular amount…

New system, dubbed “Governance 2.0”, combines token and reputation-based governance, unifies DXD and REP in a new voting power equation.

  • DXdao aims to align the interests of DXD and REP holders by combining their influence into a single voting power equation. Longer DXD governance lockups will result in heavier weighting. Inactive REP addresses are subject to a decay function.
  • New Governance compensation rewards those who participate in “Good Governance”.
  • REP to be distributed to DXD holders; additional to bonding curve purchasers. Vested DXD to be distributed to active REP addresses.

DXdao governance passed a signal proposal on mainnet and xDai, approving plans to migrate to a new system and give governance rights to DXD holders. Since its 2019 inception, DXdao…

From the beginning, DXdao’s goal for Omen has been to create an unstoppable, permissionless prediction market platform with the best user experience for the community.

In 2020, the community has seen the launch of Omen with over 2,800 unique users, over 260 markets created leading to over $6 million in bets across Omen Markets. Highlights include multi-million dollar wagers across the presidential markets, a number of high-profile Ethereum 2.0 related markets, and successful market settlements including a contentious Kleros arbitration.

During this journey, DXdao has always been listening to the Omen community and appreciates all the feedback, both positive and…

DXdao launches an official Discord server and incentive program, aims to foster growth in the community

It’s no secret that DXdao has had communication challenges in the past. Alongside the efforts of Governance 2.0, DXdao is looking to strengthen its connection with the community; beginning with the launch of the DXdao Discord server!

From February 8th to March 12th, the Discord launch event will take place where up to 30 DXD ($7,000USD at the time of writing) is up for grabs! These are divided as follows:

  • 5 DXD for attendance based raffles, found regularly in the #🎉events channel.
  • 10 DXD for participation rewards, determined by your level of engagement with the server.
  • 5 DXD for the…

Exploring Scalability Solutions

Ethereum continues to grow and attract more economic activity, but the downside is that it’s increasingly expensive to transact on mainnet. As a completely on-chain entity, DXdao understands well the frustrations of high gas prices. To address this, DXdao has a Governance Gas Refund program that reimburses members for certain on-chain governance actions, like voting and proposal submissions.

Ethereum is home, but the future is a multi-chain world. In January, DXdao started several initiatives to bring scalability solutions to its products and governance:


The DXdao is a decentralized organization, owned and operated by the community. It develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products.

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