DXdao announces “Operation Decentralization”, A podcast for DeFi, DAO’s and everything in between.

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How Operation Decentralization came to be.

Discussion among humans is one of the cornerstones of societal organization, dating back to the beginning of time. It is a way for us to validate our thoughts, discover new information and inspire us to take action. The Web3 space is a hive of active discussion around topics of interest, and most certainly of importance. With the constant push towards an open and decentralized future, there is still so much to explore and uncover. it only makes sense for us to engage in as much discussion as possible.

OpDe contextualization.

What Operation Decentralization aims to bring to the table.

The primary goal of Operation Decentralization is to foster an environment in which a robust and ongoing conversation about decentralization can take hold and thrive. A place where projects and individuals alike can gather as teachers and students to share and learn all that they can about decentralization.

OpDe goals!

Where Operation Decentralization aims to go.

In its infancy, Operation Decentralization won’t follow a rigid schedule, instead choosing to accommodate its partners and engage with active discussions in the ecosystem. At a time where OpDe is further established, it will move into a regular cadence.

Operation Decentralization.



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