DXdao Month in Review | August 2022

Swapr release plus DXstats overhaul

DXstats makeover

Nimi blazes a new incubation model for DXdao

DXD Buyback program updated; DXD Token WG launched

  • DXD Buyback Extension #9 — extends buyback program under previous parameters for 107 ETH, which will deplete the ETH in the buyback reserve
  • Authorize $500k of DXD buybacks with new parameters — this proposal authorizes buybacks to continue once the ETH in the buyback reserve is depleted. Since these buys would come from the general treasury, this proposal includes new parameters to govern the purchases.
  • Raise the DXD/ETH LP on Swapr mainnet to 0.5% — this proposal takes advantage of Swapr’s governance features and hopes to make LPing on Swapr more attractive for DXD holders. The DXD/WETH LP fee on Swapr Gnosis Chain was raised to 0.6% in April, which yielded higher fees and higher APR. This mainnet proposal is hoping higher fees will help LPs offset impermanent loss.
  • Establish DXD Token Working Group — this proposal aims to drive the community forward to a long-term solution to DXD value accrual. The first call was last Thursday, and calls will be every other week. DXdao community members, especially DXD holders, are invited to participate and have their voices heard.

Other fun initiatives:

Social highlights for August

August Popular Forum Discussions



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The DXdao is a decentralized organization, owned and operated by the community. It develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products.