How to get your token listed on Mesa

Mesa is the first dapp built on Gnosis Protocol, it facilitates a general trading interface. Mesa is maintained, owned, and hosted by DXdao, an organization leading the evolution toward a more “de”-centralized DeFi.

The website is hosted on IPFS under an ENS domain (mesa.eth) owned by DXdao. New releases require a passed proposal from DXdao which makes it more secure and less prone to various hacks like domain hijacking.

Listing on Mesa is technically done through adding the token to a special on-chain list maintained by DXdao. Below we’ll explain how you should go about doing it.


This guide consists two parts:

  1. Creating a proposal through Alchemy for DXdao to vote for or against the listing of a token on Mesa. Creating a proposal does not guarantee it will get ratified, however DXdao believes anyone who wishes to propose something should have the tools and knowledge on how to do so.

A prerequisite for being listed on Mesa is adding the token to Gnosis Protocol. Anyone can do this following this tutorial.

Step 1 — Creating a listing proposal in Alchemy (DXdao’s governance interface)

The DX token registry schema page is available here. You can look at this as an example of a successfully submitted proposal.

In the new proposal page (Image below) those are the needed parameters:

  • Title and Description — Fill in your own title and description for the proposal
Alchemy form for submitting a new proposal for adding a token

Step 2 — Introducing the listing proposal to the DXdao community

Start a thread about your token listing on the Forum:

Let the DXdao’s community know on one of its communication channels:

The introduction is recommended to include the following information:

  • A brief description of the project including the purpose of the token.

If the DXdao community decides to list the proposed token, the on-chain proposal will be ratified.



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